Nok-Out Odor Eliminator 12/4 oz.

Nok-Out Odor Eliminator 12/4 oz.

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Purchase Nok–Out®   by the case and save on shipping! Never be without this handy 4 oz. size! It cleans and deodorizes.  Keep one in your purse, handbag or backpack; keep your bathroom stocked with this excellent cleaner/deodorizer! Keep one in your car.  Nok–Out®  is essential for your children's gym bag - spray the inside of those stinky shoes and athletic gear! School lockers!  Use in your home bathroom as a cleaner/deodorizer. Use this handy size of Nok-Out® when you travel for cleaning public toilet facilities, just mist and wipe. While grocery shopping - mist and wipe shopping cart handles. With a case of 12, you can keep one nearby, no matter where you are. Keep them in the car, under the bathroom and kitchen sinks, in the hall closet, in the playroom, anywhere odors are a problem. and never be bothered by those odors again! It's non-toxic formula is perfect for removing any unpleasant odor!

Lab-tested, EPA registered.Take the challenge today! Compare Nok–Out®  label to other deodorizer/cleaners! Toxic or non-toxic? The label tells it all!

Nok-Out® Odor Eliminator is a cutting edge environmental science technology. Nok–Out® is not a fragrance based odor spray. It does not mask odors or produce noxious fragrances or scents. It does not produce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) nor will it leave a toxic film or residue. It simply eliminates the odor by targeting the source.

Nok-Out® surfactant can break down biological contamination by treating the source of the odor. It is ideal for using around people or animals with allergies or with immune deficiencies, as it does not produce harsh chemical fumes and so mild you can wash your hands in it.

Nok-Out®odor removal is effective against the most powerful odors, even skunked animals and cat urine!

Never again be bothered by odors again!

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